A Poetry Revival

Poetry – a dying art?

I certainly thought so. That is before I interviewed the pioneering poet come artist come photographer Jessica Lakritz, whose mission it is to bring poetry back to the forefront of peoples reckoning.

Sure most people know “I wandered lonely as a cloud” or “o Captain my Captain”, however most peoples knowledge of poetry comes from films or archaic schools that demand that their pupils should be able to read off by heart all ten stanzas of Byron’s She Walks a Beauty – despite being useful in charming the odd aloof girlfriend or impressing a largely deaf grandmother, all this has yet to become useful to me me, despite might best efforts!

Writing poems across peoples intimate areas has unveiled a new format by which poetry can be enjoyed. Although there are no doubt some who will skip the poetry and simply glare at the canvas, it is a method that draws peoples eyes to the text and given this is an achievement in itself, it is something to behold.

When you do find yourself reading the actual words, it is quickly apparent that it was worth doing so. Although 90 per cent is fairly melancholic, their words ring true in many cases and often one can draw personal comparisons with what the Lakritz is portraying.


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