Seeing the Planet Through Different Eyes


People are forever arguing about what the best method of cleaning up our oceans is, and I fear this will continue as long as we live, however I had the fortune of interviewing Francois Ven Den Abeele about his latest strategy – SeatoSee.

One of the easiest ways to stop sea pollution is to stop what ever the pollutant might be, whether it be Styrofoam or plastic based fishing nets, getting into the water in the first place. Francois has taken the latter and has developed a process to engineer them into something that will not only make people feel as if they are doing ‘their bit’, but will also fuel their egos.

“Ellen McArthur was saying that by 2050 there was going to be more plastic than fish in the sea… basically from all that plastic more than 10% comes from fishnets because from every boat between 10 and 15 percent of the nets fall at sea every year.”      Francois Van Den Abeele

Francois has a deal with fisherman along the Catalonian coast, many of whom previously dumped their nets – that allows him to pick up their discarded nets and ship them off to be cleaned, turned into plastic pellets and subsequently into some very stylish sunglasses.

The fished article really is something worth shouting about. Not only do they look good but they are lightweight, durable and as I have already mentioned and really the most important aspect, doing their bit to save the planet. This might sound like a load of hyperbole but anyone who knows me will know that I am not one to simply pick up a trumpet and start playing – if you know I mean.

Francois has recently overshot his Kickstarter campaign and I am sure that this is indicative of what is to come from SeaToSee. Indeed Greenpeace, amongst other Green campaigners, has already congratulated Francois on his initiative.

“If you spread 800,000 tonnes of nets (a yearly average of those lost at sea), it is close to 3 million square kilometres.” Francois Van Den Abeele



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