cropped-16466487_10206164554311816_185833877_o.jpgBefore returning to university in 2014 to study journalism I spent several years sailing. Whilst many of those involved in that industry flitter around between the Caribbean and Mediterranean, I was fortunate to go further afield. From Israel to Tahiti I have experienced some of the most extraordinary cultures that this planet has to offer, and it was this, I believe, that lead to my wanting to be a journalist.

My timing however couldn’t have been worse and I will be leaving university in May 2017, with jobs in journalism – as with many other industries – becoming more and more scarce. Indeed my work experience at The Times and Yachting World Magazine laid bare the reality facing aspiring journalists with jobs being cut left, right and centre.

However, from becoming an engineer on a 35m sailing yacht with no engineering experience, to my attempts to crack into this seemingly uncrackable industry, I enjoy a challenge.

This page is going to follow my path along life’s ever changing road and will include many different stories, particularly however, my foray into journalism. It is called SUBJECT TO CHANGE because I honestly, and against all advice, I cannot narrow down the theme, although, I think this fairly accurately represents my personality in that, I too, am fairly hard to narrow down. In a good way.

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